Coltale's Adventures

A collection of short stories written by children living in the City of London.

A collection of short stories written by children living in the City of London.

“Where shall I go today, and what should I do?” Coltale, the dragon, can travel anywhere he wants to go. He is a friendly dragon but people are often scared when they see him. Why? Because dragons breathe fire! And fire can hurt people. Coltale doesn’t want to hurt anyone. In fact, he only wants to make friends and help everyone he meets.

Follow Coltale and his friends on his exciting adventures with these short stories… written by children just like you!

We have produced the first collection as an audiobook. We've uploaded Chapter 4 to get you started!

Our second book published in December 2022  is called “The Further Adventures of Coltale the Dragon”  These are further stories inspired by the children of the City of London.  You can see this eBook in our download section.  

This Year the Early Years team is proud to announce the launch of “A Year with Coltale” – a supporting family learning book. The book is filled with home learning ideas inspired by the staff and parents who work for City of London libraries, authority, schools, and Early Years settings.

It includes ideas such as learning about sharks, singing new rhymes, early science, talking about the environment, and mathematical puzzles! There are even several stickers that each child can enjoy! This will be available in the download section soon!

Each week we provide Coltale tops tips, Makaton, and Rhyme time on our social media channels to support your child’s learning.

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