Your rights and entitlements

Understand what rights and services you should expect to receive.

As a young person in care, or who has left care, you have important rights and these should be met by your Corporate Parent, the City of London.

We want you to know your rights and the services you should expect to receive. Have a look at the services we promise to offer you, below. 

As a Corporate Parent, the City of London wants to support all our children in care, and Care Leavers, to reach their full potential and to live safe, happy and healthy lives.

This is why we have developed our Pledge to you all, which tells you what you should expect from us.

Please see the document at the end of this page for information about the Pledge.

Alongside the Pledge, we make sure we follow National guidelines and expectations, which is why we are signed up to the The Pan London Care Leavers Offer

The Pan London Care Leavers Offer is taking place across all 32 London Boroughs and the City of London.

It is trying to make sure that services for all care leavers regardless of which Local Authority is their Corporate Parent, receive the same good quality service and support.

This is because all London Corporate Parents want to improve the outcomes for looked after children and young people when leaving care.

The Care Leaver Covenant  is a national programme that supports all care leavers aged 16-25 to live independently and to improve the quality of your lives and opportunities by providing additional services from public, private and voluntary agencies above what is already provided by the City of London.

Please have a look at the website for employment, training and social opportunities, as well as discounts available to you.  

We are signed up to the Immigration Support Pledge to ensure that those of you who require support with your immigration status are able to receive the right advice in a timely way, to resolve any immigration issues.

At the City of London we fully support all asylum seekers, refugees, and those fleeing violence and persecution. We want to provide you with a long term, stable and safe home.