Parenting and childcare

Being or becoming a parent can be an exciting time! It can also be a little scary at times, and means you will have to think about and do things you haven’t necessarily done before.

There are lots of services and support available to you prior to the birth and throughout your child’s life. Your social worker, key worker, or other important adults in your life will be able to help you and offer advice.

Below are some other services you could also consider contacting.

Childcare Choices explains the different support you might be entitled to.

The Government website offers information on childcare and parenting. In the schools and education section it explains how to apply for a school place and the financial support you might be entitled to.

You might be eligible for Universal Credit, as well as Child Tax Credits.

If you’re under 20 years old, the Care to Learn Scheme can help with childcare costs whilst you’re studying.

Speak to your social worker or key worker for help accessing any of this information or these schemes.

You can discuss getting an Early Help Assessments (EHA) with your social worker. This is used to identify a child and family’s needs and strengths, and to plan the right support and services to address those needs at an early stage.

Gingerbread offers free advice and support services for single parents.

Young Parents Advice offers information and advice on working with your social worker and PA.

For Baby’s Sake is an innovative programme which takes a whole family approach to breaking the cycle of domestic abuse and childhood trauma for expectant parents and babies alike.

Many Local Fire Services offer safety checks to make sure your home is safe for a young family. Speak to your social worker about how to get in touch with them.

NHS Start4Life offers help and advice during pregnancy, birth and parenthood.

They also provide advice for parents on supporting children who are experiencing mental health problems.