Get involved: Youth services and opportunities for young people

Looking for something to do after school? Join one of our youth clubs or the boxing club, take part in a range of activities.

Our drop in youth sessions are somewhere for young people to relax in a safe and friendly environment staffed by qualified youth workers. We offer access to trips, activities and the Summer Youth Programme each year.

Our providers include: Society Links and Prospects. Our providers have been commissioned to deliver activities and sessions for range of young people from as young as six up to 19 years old (up to 25 years old for young people with SEND) in the City of London at Golden Lane Community Centre, Middlesex Street and Mansell Street.

Our providers include: Society Links, Prospects and City of London Scouts 

Society Links drop-in youth sessions are somewhere for young people to relax and socialise in a safe and friendly environment staffed by qualified youth workers. They offer access to activities, trips and the annual Summer Youth Programme.

The City of London Corporation have commissioned SocietyLinks Tower Hamlets to deliver twice weekly youth sessions and activities for young people from eight to 19 years old (up to 25 years old for those with SEND) in the City of London at Golden Lane Community Centre and Portsoken Community Centre, with separate sessions for 8-12 year olds and 13-19 year olds.

SocietyLinks is very proud to be delivering the City of London Youth and Play Service. With more than a decade of youth provision experience, they are committed to delivering dynamic, high-quality youth services developed through collective consultation and planning to meet the needs of the young people of the City of London.

Young people are the future. The youth provision nurtures and supports young people’s ambitions, ideas and creativity to enable them to become confident, empowered adults and fulfil their potential and dreams. Society Links' youth staff are highly experienced at engaging young people from all backgrounds and developing activities to meet their evolving needs.

SocietyLinks is also pleased to be providing targeted support and opportunities to the refugee community in the City of London.

Each year, Prospects works with thousands of young people to help them transition into adulthood with the skills, knowledge and experience they need for the future.

We commission Prospects to ensure that every young person living, working or studying in the City of London has the opportunity to express themselves, are safe and feel safe and have the advice and support that they need.

Prospects offers information, advice and guidance on education, employment and training options available to young people aged 13-19 (under 25 with additional needs) living in the City of London

For more information contact Prospects.

This is one of the largest Scout Groups in North London with over 100 members. The group was founded in 1908 and is the only group within the boundaries of the City of London.

They are currently based near Aldgate and welcome young people of any faith aged between six and 18 into the group. Their website provides additional information for prospective members, youth members, leaders, parents and supporters of the group.

For more information, visit the 1st City of London Scouts website.

Who are we?
Prospects, part of Shaw Trust works with the City of London Corporation to ensure that all young people who live, work, study or volunteer here have a voice in matters that affect them and that are important to them.

We work in collaboration with young people to deliver fun and practical programmes around social action, empowerment and youth issues.

We have been working in the City for more than 10 years, collaborating with young people across the City; empowering them to create change, and enabling them to realise their potential.

Who can get involved?
If you meet the following criteria, reach out today to get involved and make a difference:

  • You live, work, study or volunteer in the City of London
  • You are aged 11-19 (and up to 25 with learning difficulties or disabilities or a care leaver)
  • You care about the future for young people in the City of London

Do you meet all 3 statements above? If yes, we would love to hear from you.

What can you get involved with?
Whether you want to improve the environment, reduce bullying, get involved with projects, make new friends or you see yourself as a future Prime Minister, there is a place for you in our Youth City Forum.

We want to utilise your skills and help you gain more!

The City Youth Forum is a group of young people who work together to make the City of London a better place to live, work and study for young people. The group is chaired by our Member of Youth Parliament and deputy, and our members set the focus and agenda.

We know that life can be busy. That is why how much time you have to offer is your choice. We have 3 levels of membership.

Youth Voice Consultant: (Time commitment: Around 30 minutes every 3 months)
We will call on you to ask you for your views and opinions on things that impact you and other young people. Answer our polls with as much or little information as you want. This option is best for those who don’t have time to attend meetings, but still want to have their voice heard.

Member of the City Youth Forum: (Time commitment: Around 4 hours per month)
Join our City Youth Forum as a standing member, attending monthly forum meetings and getting involved in change and social action to make a difference for yourself and all young people who live, work or study in the Square Mile. We sometimes meet in person or online.

Youth Leader: (Time commitment: Up to 6 hours per month)
Once you have been a member of the forum for a little while, you will have the opportunity to take on a leadership position. This will allow you to drive change about issues that are important to you and your friends and gain leadership skills and experience. If you are ambitious and passionate about improving the lives of your friends and other young people in the City, you could be our next Member of Youth Parliament.

What are the benefits of volunteering with City Youth Forum?
There are unlimited benefits of getting involved, as you drive the work that the forum delivers.

Benefits include:

  • Have your voice heard by decision makers
  • Great experience to add to your CV and application forms
  • Earn Time Credits (which can be redeemed for cinema tickets, subscriptions and meals out)
  • Gain demonstrable skills such as: negotiation, project management, leadership, campaigning, administration, marketing.

Why wait? Get involved now to start making a difference to the lives of young people in the City of London.

How to contact us

To find out how we can help you, contact us on the details below:

Matilda Newman-Smart

City YMCA passionately believe that every young person should have the opportunity to build a future of their own choosing. They provide accommodation to those made homeless and a range of interventions for young people in our communities.

Their holistic approach covers young people aged 12 to 25, of which 25% have left care and 15% run-away from home. The rest are either deemed at-risk from parents, are trying to divert from crime or have fallen on hard times.

They have been working with young people for the last 45 years, have housed over 10,000 and enabled another 20,000 to become meaningfully engaged.

For more information, visit City YMCA London's website.

UK Youth Parliament enables young people to use their energy and passion to change the world for the better.

Open to 11-18 year olds that have been elected as Members of Youth Parliament by their communities, UK Youth Parliament provides opportunities for young people to bring about social change through meaningful representation and campaigning. Part of the British Youth Council's Youth Voice Programme.