Virtual school

The Children and Families Act 2014 requires Local Authorities to appoint a Virtual School Head whose purpose is to ensure the Local Authority fulfils its statutory duty to promote the education of Looked After Children.

Statutory Guidance requires local authorities to appoint a Virtual School Headteacher whose role is to ensure the local authority fulfils its duty to promote the education of looked-after children and previously looked-after children, and the educational, training and career needs of care leavers.

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  • Looked after children are those who are in the care of the local authority.
  • Previously looked after children are children who have previously been in care but are now adopted or placed on a Special Guardianship Order.
  • Care leavers are young people aged between 18 and 25 who have left care but continue to receive support from the local authority.

The key functions of the Virtual School are to:

  • Monitor and promote the educational progress and achievement of looked-after Children and care leavers
  • Ensure that Personal Education Plans are current, relevant and effective
  • Promote and advise on the use of the Pupil Premium Plus Grant
  • Support schools and Designated Teachers to develop effective strategies and support for looked-after children and previously looked-after children
  • Provide advice and guidance for social workers, parents and carers on issues relating to the education, employment and training of looked-after children, previously looked-after children and care leavers
  • Commission or fund additional resources to support education of looked-after children and care leavers
  • Provide information, advice and guidance to looked-after children and care leavers about education, employment and training

Looked after children in years nine to 13 who attend mainstream education may receive a contribution of £300 towards a laptop.

Free online education resources

A non-exhaustive list of online educational resources.

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Prodigy Maths
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Big History Project
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Seneca Learning
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Inclusive Teach
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My Story About Pandemics and the Coronavirus
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