Play schemes and holiday clubs

These services can offer a wide range of activities such as sports, outdoor and indoor games, arts, crafts and drama.

The hours they open will depend on the scheme but some will offer extended days from 8am to 6pm for an additional charge. If the times they are open don't meet your needs it may be worth talking to the manager to see if they can offer alternate hours.

The average fee is usually between £24 to £35 per day. A settings offer subsidised places and some schemes will offer concessions or discounts for early booking.

If the club is registered with Ofsted you may be able to get help towards your childcare costs through the childcare element of Working Tax Credit or Universal Credit or by using childcare vouchers or Tax-Free Childcare.

Most will take children from the age of four to 12 years but this is different for each club as it will usually depend on the age of the school they are based in or near to.

You can apply for a place by contacting the holiday play scheme directly. You can search for Ofsted registered play schemes in this directory.