About the programme

The City of London understands the importance of good speech, language and communication skills in giving children the best start in life.

The aim of the programme is to enable ALL children to get the best start in their Speech, Language and Communication development.

COLTALE (City of London Talks and Listens Enthusiastically) aims to support all children to develop those skills and to further develop close partnerships between parents and early years practitioners/teachers.

Research tells us that by:

  • 22 months – a child’s development can predict outcomes at age 26
  • 2 years – 75% of a child’s brain growth has occurred
  • 4 years – the difference in the number of words different groups of children have heard can be as much as 19 million
  • 5 years – a child’s vocabulary can predict his/her educational success and outcomes at age 30.

The importance of early support for communication and language

Early speech & language intervention:

  • improves outcomes for children
  • helps identify communication difficulties
  • is effective and cost efficient
  • may maximise language acquisition
  • may minimise potential secondary difficulties
  • supports all children
  • supports those ‘at risk’
  • addresses attachment issues
  • encourages close partnerships with parents and other practitioners

What is the expected impact?

  • Children with any form of language delay are picked up on at first signs.
  • Attainment Gap narrows within the EYFSP data.
  • Parents have an understanding of how to support their child at this early stage.
  • Practitioners have an increased confidence of how to support the child at this early stage
  • Environments for children are communication friendly, they encourage language to be used.
  • Within City of London we have settings who are trailblazers with their work and can support others, both within the city and wider.
Coltale, the dragon, smiling with arms up
Coltale, the dragon, smiling with arms up